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We know the ins and outs of the collector car auction scene. We have been working them on-site for years and know what it takes to get your collector and vintage cars from the auction floor to your door. We are also already on-site at most major U.S. auctions. Whether you need to transport vintage cars to sell at an auction, or plan to purchase one at an event, Car Shippers got you covered.


Whether you need your car delivered to your new home or to your new office, we will accommodate you. Count on car shippers auto transport services. We are a leader among exotic car transporters and can get your vehicle where it needs to be safely, on budget and on time

Convenience: We provide door-to-door service. No inconvenient terminals or hassles means alot less headaches.

Peace of mind: All vehicles are tracked by satellite, so we know the status of your vehicle at all times.

The best in auto transport: Enclosed transport is the safest method of auto transport available. Your vehicle is completely protected from the elements throughout transport.

your profession requires you to move to a new city, turn to Car Shippers for your auto transport needs. All it takes is one phone call, we'll take care of the rest.


We know that you have choices in transporting your car. If you want complete peace of mind, then our enclosed car shipping is the way to go.

The Right Equipment for the Job

All of Car Shippers auto transport carriers are professional drivers licensed bonded and insured, hard-sided and fully enclosed. We know every car is different, so our carriers are engineered with versatility in mind, able to safely transport any vehicle – from a carriage to a racecar – with minimal handling.

Complete Protection

With our hard-sided, enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is completely protected from every hazard on the road, from dirt and dust to rocks and weather. If you are moving a collector or classic automobile, you won’t find a safer method to transport your vehicle than our enclosed vehicle shipping service. We even provide temperature-controlled shipping for vehicles needing additional care.

Liftgates for Safe Loading

Your vehicle remaining horizontal is essential for safe loading. That's why Car Shippers Auto Transport trucks are equipped with hydraulic liftgates. It's like an elevator for your car, so your vehicle remains completely horizontal throughout the loading and unloading process.


Need to ship a car outside U.S. and Overseas? Rest assured and leave it to Car Shippers. We do it all – motorcycles, cars, vans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, RVs and other motorized vehicles. New, used or one of a kind, each gets special attention to get it to its destination without incident. Our professional, knowledgeable staff will provide the help you need to ensure a safe and worry-free shipping experience. Car Shippers Quality and Safety Management System ensures that we meet or exceed customer expectations regardless of whether you want to ship one car, or thousands of new and used vehicles. For more information on shipping your new or used car please contact Car Shippers at: 1-877-874-7212

How do I determine the cubic feet (cft) of my vehicle?

The cubic feet of your vehicle is determined by multiplying the length, width and height of your vehicle.

How much fuel can be in my vehicle?

Due to safety regulations your vehicle's fuel tank must be less than one-quarter of a tank but should contain enough fuel for delivery, loading and discharge, and reaching a gas station after pick-up at the destination port.

Are personal effects or cargo allowed inside the vehicles?

Personal items and cargo are not permitted to be shipped inside the vehicle.

Do you offer insurance for the vehicles?

Insurance can be purchased for $1.12 per each $100.00 of value declared.


As dependable motorcycle shipping specialists, Car Shippers ships motorcycles anywhere within the United States. We ship motorcycles door-to-door, picking up and delivering to anywhere you request, including residences and office buildings, so you don't have to visit a distant terminal. (Subject to accessibility and local laws.)


As dependable rv shipping specialists, Car Shippers ships rvs anywhere within the United States. We ship rvs door-to-door, picking up and delivering to anywhere you request, including residences and office buildings, so you don't have to visit a distant terminal. (Subject to accessibility and local laws.)


From Palm Beach, Florida to Brooklyn, New York and everywhere in between, you'll see Car Shippers Auto Transport trucks. We winter in Florida and summer up East just like you. We also provide service for snowbirds who prefer the deserts of Arizona and California. We know the intricacies of serving gated communities, apartment complexes and condos. Snowbirds have been among our most loyal customers for many years … and continue to use our reliable car shipping services year after year. Why do snowbirds count on Car Shippers Auto Transport?

No hassles:

We provide affordable, fast & safe auto transport and door-to-door delivery, so you don't have to deal with getting your vehicle to a terminal or worry about picking it up at one.

Snowbird truckload special:

If you are part of a club of snowbirds traveling to the same area, we'll provide a discount if your group can fill up a truck.

Our Experience:

Car Shippers has been moving snowbirds for years. If it's on wheels, we've moved it before. Our customers can depend on us for reliable car shipping auto transport services.